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  • Sam, was wonderful. Everyone could tell he was very passionate about the topics. He went through the workshop at a nice pace, cognizant of both the beginners and the advanced.

  • I really appreciated the offer to mentor beyond the class. The supplemental information provided was also very helpful. He was wanting to provide the most current information.

  • The workshop was very worthwhile. This is one of my first introductions to the topics and the workshop covered a great deal of informative techniques, skills and information.

  • This workshop is like a recap of my MBA. The class participation was really engaging and lively. Sam is very knowledgeable/shares experiences and provided additional information.

  • It exceeded my expectations because I was not aware that I would receive templates and other resources that I could leave with and use on my job.

  • This training will have a significant impact on: increasing quality, increasing employee satisfaction, increasing productivity, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing risk

  • The instructor is a very good listener. He shows interest in the participants and is encouraging. He enjoys the subject matter. He is both organized and flexible. Thanks Sam for a great workshop.

  • The Lab and exercises were perfect for the subject, were very good and served the purpose well. He was excellent in accepting all interpretations of the material

  • Dr. Arafeh was a nice enough guy, was very knowledgeable of the subject, and provided numerous real life examples of business successes and failures.

  • Sam was outstanding; very knowledgeable about the subject/topic, yet so humble and so down to earth. He is also very professional in handling all types of personalities that can disrupt the workshop.

  • In addition to providing the terminology and concepts needed to perform Business Process Analysis, Dr. Arafeh made sure that the students were actually able to use the material and apply it in the work place. (Thanks Sam)

  • Very helpful conveying information in a structured way, allowed latitude and time for discussion in group activities while still keeping the group on task, flexible enough to make adjustments in time spent on individual sections in order to allow for more time to concentrate on application of theory.

  • He's passionate about his experience and was very excited about the subject topic. He took into account everyone’s desires for the class and tried to touch on all of them. Personable and used real life examples

  • The leader was professional and respectful. He was eager to tailor the workshop to our company's needs and practices which was extremely valuable. Pulled from a lot of sources, which was good for variety/ application of principles

  • I was impressed with the caliber of Dr. Arafeh. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter made the class interesting and relevant. Using our own projects made a significance difference in learning the material. We could immediately apply to our own business situations. Excellent leader.

  • Dr. Sam was amazing. He allowed me to see the materials from a different perspective and I really learned a lot from him. I liked that Sam allowed us to use a project pertinent to our individual business instead of the generic case. This allowed us to explore possibilities directly related to work.

  • The company developed a new computer application that saved it more than $3 million by making its operations more efficient and cut staff, said Greg Palmer, Remedy Intelligent Staffing chief executive, in an interview with Reuters. Dr. Sam was the CTO for this program

  • Dr. Sam not only was he extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter, he also knew how to convey that knowledge to the students in very simple terms.

  • One of the best aspects of Dr. Arafeh’s style is the fact that he uses real life situations as examples so that the particpants can relate and better understand the material.