Enterprise Performance Optimization: From Insight to Action

The knowledge needed to draw your own right Roadmap & Execute

Senior staff, management and executives must address today challenges. This cutting-edge workshop program delivers sophisticated material in an easy-to-understand applicable to real-world situations, covering your own industry. 

You’ll gain a working knowledge that can massively improve marketing, create operational efficiencies, build new business models, disrupt the competitive status quo and spark innovation, while excelling in today competitive race.

You’ll leave this program with your own Road Map to put to practice, the essential skills to manage your staff effectively, with the necessary insights for leveraging analytics to increase efficiency, productivity while capturing new business opportunities,


Senior Staff, Management and Executive responsible for Planning, Operations of their own Enterprise, Organization or Department interested to gain insight into new emerging technologies, assessment, selection, adoption and utilization to meet their business evolving target goals.


Business background and practice in Senior, Management or Excecutuve level.

No Information Technology prior knowlwdge or experience is necessary but computer literacy is needed.

You will Learn:

  • What is the Cloud and Why

  • What is Big Data and How

  • What is Prediction & Prescription

  • What is Analytics & Optimization

  • Develop Your Own Road Map

  • Adopt Best Industries Practices

Workshop Content Part (1)–

  • Aligning Enterprise Mission, Goals & Objectives

  • –Present State & Set Future Goal Desired State

  • –Deploying Business Engineering Methods

  • –Capturing Big Data Technology & Utilization

  • –Capturing Predictive Analytics & Utilization

  • –Capturing the Business Model & Alignments

  • –Capturing Cloud, deployment & Utilizations

  • –Capturing the Internet of Things & Utilizations

  • –Capturing Statistical Analysis &tilization

  • Capturing Demand Forecasting & Utilizations

  • Capturing & Assessing Social Media & Utilization

Workshop Content Part (2)

  • Online Cost & Risk Monitoring and Minimization

  • Online Revenue & Profitability and Maximization

  • Online Enterprise Performance Optimization

  • Develop the Road Map to the Future Goal fullfilment

  • Technology Components assessment for Road Maps

  • Tools & Methods for Executing the Road Map

  • Tools to Maintain the Road Map Optimum Path

  • Consideration to Road Map Financing & Budgeting


Workshop Content Part (3) 

  • Historical & Predictive Demand

  • Optimum Decision

  • Optimum Capacity

  • Service Optimization

  • Products Optimization

  • Cycles & Seasonality

  • Quality Recruitment

  • Operations Training

  • Relationship Management

  • Employees vs Customer Personality

  • Organization Culture

  • Proactive Customer Anticipation